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The Pope and Galileo Had a Minor Disagreement

                Zilberman Gallery is proud to announce Guido Casaretto’s solo show The Pope and Galileo Had a Minor Disagreement. The artist’s sixth solo exhibition will take place at the gallery’s main exhibition space in Mısır Apartmanı, Istanbul between May 9 – June 17, 2017.

                Over the last five years Casaretto has been focusing on processes of sensory perception, utilizing different materials in order to make unusual copies of systems that represent various phenomena. Bringing to mind computer programs that attempt to simulate reality, these works blur the lines between the original and its copy. The artist thus invites viewers to question their confidence in their sensory perceptions.

                With his most recent works created for this show, Casaretto establishes a relationship between sensory perception triggered through the layering of different elements, and craftsmanship that follows a similar layered process of creation. Inspired by the utilization of materials and the working methods of craftsmen, Casaretto’s works make it difficult to distinguish between real formations in nature and the artist’s attempts to copy them. By making use of various materials, geological formations and mythological stories from the Mediterranean Basin, the artist underlines the difference between art and craftsmanship, that is significant for this region.

                The work Historical Connotations on a Z-axis (2017) shows different pieces of marble–accumulated in a marble atelier– as a single, solid piece. Depicting the texture of marble by making use of graphite, the work also references the centuries of history carried within the material, and the concept of cultural heritage. Monte Rosso (2017), on the other hand, takes its inspiration from the brushstrokes of impressionist painters, and depicts a mountain resembling the Alps. Made with the traditional materials of painting, the work creates a relationship between the brushstrokes and the periodical formation of a real mountain.

                Rest-Off (2017), the centerpiece of the exhibition, brings together all the materials used for the exhibition. Based on a myth, this work invites the audience to realize that their sensory perceptions are highly subjective and open to manipulation; and to reconsider what they accept as real.

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