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                Galeri Zilberman is proud to announce Guido Casaretto’s new solo exhibition Synesthesia. The exhibition can be visited at Galeri Zilberman on the third floor of Mısır Apartment, between March 14th and May 2nd, 2015. Synesthesia, a phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway, is named after a term meaning “united sensation” in Ancient Greek. Dealing with the types of perception of nature and reproducing it with digital means, Casaretto focuses on the phenomenon of sensation with his new exhibition that is comprised of his most recent works. Engaged with electronic information, various materials and art-historical references, the exhibition overlaps the different sensations with regard to the physical quality of the material and the types of perception within the concept of art history.

                The recent works of Guido Casaretto create their alternative nature through the intense relationship they establish with each other and invite the viewer to discover it. The interaction triggered by the physical approach goes deep down into the multidimensional sensation through the materials used by the artist such as concrete, skin, soil and epoxy. A delicate deer, one of the significant topics of a classical painting, transforms into a solid concrete with the use of constructive iron while a skin of an another animal turns into a canvas on which a robust male figure is depicted with the classical painting technique Chiaroscuro (*). Casaretto reinterprets the subject-object relation by getting to the bottom of form and content matter with today’s references. 


                A stage where three-dimensional modeling has reached so far is also included in the exhibition with the template of “David”. Effigies modeled from this template and hand-painted by the artist reach a unique form of reality with the use of three-dimensional patterns. Creating an interlayer through the painting composed by the activity of hand painting with utmost meticulousness, the artist determines the nature of the relationship between the viewer and the object. The former works of Casaretto, comprised of realistic manifestation of nature created in digital environment, are reversed by these new series of works through the manual intervention of the artist to the machine production. The works define the uniqueness of the handmade and invite the viewers to experience the sensation.

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